About us


My name is Nicole Horváth. I am passionate nutrition and co-founder of the Juiceline who believes (from life experience) that eating healthy has major affects on our body, mind and soul. I was continiously suffering with weight and digestive problems that lead me to the solution of juicing in order to heal and absorb more nutrtion and vitamins. My journey begin when I was 16 and worked for one of the biggest health companies to sell their products. The learning path continued with my studies in the USA, and then having a degree from finance was just a cherry on top for connecting passion with education and launch the Juiceline. Nowadays, I also love helping others by giving private consultations as a „certificated” holistic nutrition coach.

We do it out of L.O.V.E.

We believe that doing small things with great love is the way to live and we also follow this approach in our business life. We strongly believe in everything Juiceline stands for mainly because we tested it all on ourselves. You guessed it right – we became the ultimate juicers!

Why juice?

Juiceline was established on the belief that in order to maintain a balanced way of living in this hectic world, we need to listen to our bodies’ needs. To satisfy the healthy functioning of our one and only body it is necessary to integrate more fresh vegetables and fruits into our everyday lives. It’s this simple fact that led us to start juicing. Our one of kind cold-pressed juices is designed to support today’s busy society with the simplest, most effective and always convenient method to nourish and fuel you throughout the day.


Our mission is offering the most nutrition-rich cold pressed juices as possible. The reason why we use organic ingredients is because it contains at least twice the nutritional mineral content than regular produce and mainly because we believe that our bodies are functioning much better without all those chemicals and toxic pesticides that are hiding in our food. To give you a full picture, the advantages of juicing could turn into a disadvantage if we do not pay attention to the right raw materials because we could end up getting a huge amount of synthetic pesticides to our systems as well.

We don’t want that for you. At Juiceline we offer you certified juices made out of organic ingredients.

  • HU-ÖKO-01
  • Biokontroll Hungária
  • Vegan
  • Local & Organic - Cold-Pressed
  • 100% RAW

Hidegen sajtolt juice

The hydraulic cold-pressed juicing is an extraction method that is scientifically proven to give us 5 times the amount of nutrition than of those produced by a standard (centrifugal) juicer. This method also allows us to preserve over double the amount of nutrition than a masticating juicer would.

Benefits of cold-pressed juices:

The plant cells are pressed slowly and gently in order to extract as many vitamins, minerals and enzymes as possible with minimal oxidation and without altering, heating or destroying them in any way. As a result we are proud to serve you the cleanest, smoothest, freshest and most delicious juices you have ever sipped. Take your pick!

No pasteurization, no preservatives

The reason why pasteurized juices are not making you healthy even though commercial says that is because in the process juices have been heated to high temperatures for a short time in order to kill all the potentially harmful bacteria and extend the juices shelf life. The problem is that we got used to this and do not realize that it also kills all the helpful bacteria as well, such as probiotics. Besides, it damages vitamins and minerals too so basically, the healing power of raw fruits and vegetables are destroyed or severely compromised. Therefore, you end up drinking a relatively nutritionally dead beverage.

Supporting local and organic farmers

„What you eat you become.” It is our true nature that when it comes to food we are just taking it too seriously and also applied this approach in our business as well. Knowing the farmers well whom produce nutritional fruits and vegetables is the number one priority for us. We believe that ingredientses are everything in order to maintain a healthy balanced living. We carefully select seasonal fruits and vegetables in order to avoid pesticides and also with our non-organic product we use the rule of.

Mission statement

Our mission is to help you become a more healthier version of yourself only implementing one small change in your life, getting a juice everyday.

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